west point Fences Types, Lightfoot Fence Repair, Wood FencesA landscape can be beautiful, but it takes a lot of work to incorporate certain features like fences that help secure the property and add to the design. The more beautiful we want our yard, the more work it takes. By hiring a professional fence builder to construct your _ fences, the results look professional and the project is easy to complete.

In the West Point, VA area, split rail fences are really great for bordering the property. There are all types of split rail fences you can build to keep your territory marked off. Near the house, you may want to install a decorative picket fence or a garden fence to help keep pets or invasive critters where they belong. Perhaps you need to build a horse fence.

If you are looking for a West Point fence builder, look into our services at Tidewater Fence. We specialize in residential fence services, so we can construct what you need. We build privacy fences, split rail fences, security fences, wood fences, aluminum fences, picket fences, vinyl fences, and more.

We can also help you with fence repairs in West Point. Keeping them in good shape will ensure they last as long as possible. When it comes time to replace the fencing, we can be there to take care of it for you.

Tidewater Fence is all about developing long-term relationships with customers. We want you to be so happy with our service that we are your first choice anytime you need fence services. Take a look at our project gallery to see what we’ve done for others and then give us a call with questions. We’d be glad to discuss your project with you and offer you an appointment for a quote.


Fence Repair Services

Whether you have a metal fence, aluminum fence, wood fence, vinyl fence, or some other type of fence, we can repair it for you. Rust and wood rot are the two most common problems with fences, but there can be damage from strong winds or from tree impacts. If your fence is getting older and showing signs of decay, it’s important to take care of the repairs as soon as possible. The quicker the fence repairs are done, the longer the structure will last.

We can get rid of the rust corrosion or repair any areas that have been damaged by impacts or other conditions. We can repair any gates involved as well. If it’s going to take replacing everything, you can count on us for fence replacement too. We take on large and small jobs alike, so don’t hesitate to contact us when you need our help.


Fence Installation Service

If you are interested in installing a fence in West Point, there are many types and styles to choose from. Taking it even further, your new fence can even be fully customized. Your new fence can be of any height and style you choose. It can be made of metal, chain link, aluminum, composite materials, cedar, pine, redwood, vinyl, or even bamboo.

It’s important that the fence is installed correctly at the very beginning. The structure needs to last as long as possible, so the posts need to be strong and sturdy and the fence panels need to be durable. When a fence isn’t properly installed, there can be problems with early decay or leaning. No matter what type of fence we are installing, our fence builders will make sure the structure is strong and built right.


Custom Fence Installation Service

Need a split rail fence with wire mesh attached to it? Need a special decorative fence for your garden? Want something that looks like it belongs in the Smoky Mountains? Or need a custom privacy fence that’s 12 feet tall? Tidewater Fence is your go-to source for custom fence building in West Point. Let’s talk about your ideas and see what we can design for you today!

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If you’re looking for a West Point Fence Repair company, then call Tidewater Fence at 757-644-1369 or fill out our online request form.