New Kent Fences Types, Chesapeake Fence Repair, Garden FencesIf you are in the market for fence repair or installation service in New Kent, you can call Tidewater Fence to meet your needs. We provide high-quality residential fence repairs and installations to the New Kent area.

Installing a new fence takes a lot of work, but it is worth it when you enjoy years of use from it. You are going to appreciate your yard and property more after we’re through installing your fence. The construction will be flawless.

With our ongoing experience specializing in fence services, we can deliver customized fence design and construction or install something standard. We incorporate quality construction, products, and materials into every project.

Whether it’s a simple garden fence, a split rail fence, a security fence, or some other type, we can guarantee your complete satisfaction. When it’s time for fence repairs, our team can take care of it for you.

Don’t hesitate to call us for your fence repair or installation needs. We want to show you that you can rely on us for all your fence service needs.


Fence Repair Services

The elements of nature will eventually break down even the strongest of materials. However, there are things you can do to keep it from deteriorating as long as possible. On metal fences, any signs of corrosion should be dealt with. With wooden fences, any rotting material should be replaced with new. Keeping the vinyl fence in good shape is equally important. And then, there is all the hardware and hinges involved that need to be repaired as necessary.

It’s easiest to call a fence repair company to keep the structure maintained. Tidewater Fence has the skill and tools to repair all types of fences. If certain sections or parts need to be replaced, we can handle it for you and will be able to match your existing fence materials.


Fence Installation Service

If your landscape has little to offer, you need something to accent your yard. One of our specialty fences will instantly spruce up your property and keep it more secure. There are a lot of ways in which a fence can turn your exterior into something special. Whether it’s a beautiful cedar fence, redwood, bamboo, or something else, we can install it for you.

Any type of fence installation in New Kent will allow you to be able to enjoy your property more fully, especially when it’s made from the type of material you want. A fence can also make certain that your children & pets don’t wander away. At Tidewater Fence, we can build your fence structure however you like it. There are many standard fence panels made of a variety of materials, but you can choose to design and install a custom fence too.


Split Rail Fences

While split rail fences have been traditionally made with wood, there are vinyl split-rail fences available today. Vinyl split-rail fences keep the pristine white finish for a very long time because the color is baked in and resistant to color fading from UV rays. While vinyl costs more to install up front, it lasts decades longer than wood. This means you won’t be building and repairing fences near as often than with a wood split-rail fence. Of course, the materials are totally up to you! We would be happy to install any type of fence you need.


Decorative Fences

A decorative fence will not only add to the design of your landscape, it will also serve to increase the security of certain areas of your property. Whether it’s to keep critters out of the garden, pets, and kids within a safe area, or to section off the entrance to your house, a decorative fence will look great and help with home security. There are different heights, styles, and materials available for decorative fence construction.

Have you had your eye on a beautiful wrought iron ornamental fence? Or do you prefer aluminum or wood? We install the type of decorative fence you are looking for. If it needs to be custom made to certain specifications, we can help you with a custom fence installation as well.

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