James city Fences Types, Williamsburg Fence Repair, Hampton Roads Decorative FencesA fence can provide a permanent, secure, and private way to enclose your property. Whether it’s just for the back yard or it completely encompasses your acreage, a fence is an investment that helps make a house a home. If your property doesn’t have a fence for protection and security, it’s seriously time to consider building one. A new fence can be constructed out of many different materials and can be of standard or custom design.

At Tidewater Fence, we install custom and standard fences. The durability of every fence depends on the installation. When done right, the new fence will last as long as it should. When maintained, it will often last much longer than it should. Our fence specialists will make sure the installation is done right. We want you completely satisfied with our service for years to come.

We also repair existing fences of all types. If you need fence services in James City, we hope you will call with questions and to schedule an estimate. We will take good care of you and can meet all your fence service needs. Take a look around and give us a call with any questions. Be sure to ask about any special promotions and our military discounts.


Fence Repair Services

The better you take care of the fence, the longer it will last. If you have a fence that is falling apart or rusting, call us. We specialize in fence restorations whether it’s something small or we need to replace an entire section.


Custom Fences

Tidewater Fence can design, build, and install your custom fence in James City. The most popular custom fences are ornamental iron fences, but we also build custom wood or aluminum fences too. What do you have in mind as far as materials and design? We would love to talk about some options that perfectly suit your needs.


Comparing An Iron Fence vs. An Aluminum Fence?

So you know you want a metal fence but aren’t sure if you want something like wrought iron or aluminum. A classic iron fence is truly beautiful, but today you have cast aluminum fencing that is designed after the traditional wrought iron fencing. Both offer extremely durable construction that lasts many decades if maintained. One reason people install aluminum fences over iron is due to the durability of the product. They don’t require as much maintenance, very little in fact.

However, you’ll want to be sure the aluminum fencing is well-made. Both offer different advantages and serve different needs. For instance, do you want a heavy duty fence and you don’t mind a little regular maintenance? The iron may be for you. If you want to install the fence and then basically not worry about it, cast aluminum may be for you. Let’s go over some option and discuss the details of the different types of metal fences you can install. After you decide on the material, you’ll need help picking the design! We can make all that easy for you.


Considering A Vinyl Privacy Fence?

If you’d rather stick to a treated lumber privacy fence, that’s fine with us. But if you are thinking about a vinyl privacy fence, you are probably wondering how long they last and whether or not the higher investment is worth it. Our fence specialists would be glad to go over the differences with you and work out some numbers. Until then, here are some things you need to know about vinyl privacy fences.

The vinyl fences of today are better made than before. They are made with Titanium Dioxide pigment which provides ultraviolet light resistance and impact resistance. This means a vinyl fence has superior strength and color retention. The vinyl privacy fence will not rust or decay like a pressure treated fence will. It is also not easily ignited, with a flash point of about 900 degrees Fahrenheit. Even though strong, it does have a certain amount of flexibility so it can expand and contract when temperatures fluctuate. It is also impact resistant. While a wooden privacy fence can last from 10-15 years, there are those vinyl fences with LTD warranties of 20 years to a lifetime.

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