Charles city Fences Types, Yorktown Fence Repair, Security Fences in Hampton RoadsDo you have a lot survey ready for your fence installation estimate? Have you ridden through neighborhoods or looked through photos to see what fences you like? Are you looking for a fence company that you can rely on for repairs or installation? If so, Tidewater Fence would love to be your fence specialist in Charles City. We work on all types of fences or can design and install a new custom fence for you.

Our team builds fences 12 months a year though of course, some months are slower due to the weather. We can help you make sure that your fence is a pleasant addition to your home whether we are repairing it or install it. We fully support our customers by providing a satisfaction guarantee on our work and we don’t skimp on quality materials either.

No matter what type of service you need for your Charles City fence, you can depend on our professionals to ensure it is durable, healthy, and attractive. We take care of fence and gate repairs as well as replacements and new installations. For us to determine your needs and offer you a competitively priced estimate, call or fill out our online contact form. We would love to be the Charles City fence company you depend on!


Fence Installation Service

If your yard or property isn’t already fenced off, it probably doesn’t feel as secure or private as you would like it to be. Perhaps this is why you are looking at different fences and fence service companies in Charles City. Tidewater Fence has been installing new fences in Charles City, Virginia for a few years now. We have worked hard to please customers in every way we can. We have the industry experience you need, and as a service company, we provide the guaranteed quality workmanship you expect.

Our fence specialists install all types of residential fences. We can also design and construct a custom fence if you want something original. Sometimes even a standard fence will need to be custom built if the panels and parts do not fit your needs. Let’s look at some options today. You can trust our advice and our honest recommendations as we are a customer service focused company who holds our customers in the highest regard.


Fence Repair Services

Does your pretty picket fence have dangling or missing pickets? Is your metal fence rusting in key areas? Do you need your gate replaced? Does a section of your horse fence need to be replaced? You have a reliable fence repair company who offers service to Charles City just a phone call away. Our repair specialists can service all types of fences including metal, wood, aluminum, vinyl, and composites.


Privacy Fences

There’s nothing better than having a back yard that’s completely private. Whether you want a standard privacy fence or something taller and better, Tidewater Fence can install it for you. When the fence is maintained, your yard privacy will last for years to come. You’ll have an enjoyable place to entertain, play with the dog, and watch the kids play. If even you don’t have kids and pets, your friends and family will appreciate the privacy when they visit. Are you interested in a cedar privacy fence? How about redwood or bamboo? Let’s take a look at the options we can provide and come up with something perfect.


Garden Fences

A little fence is the perfect lining for any garden. But, you don’t want it to be too short or it offers no protection for your vegetables and flowers. It’s not uncommon for a garden to get plundered by roaming wildlife or even pets and kids. Let’s install a garden fence that looks great and protects your produce. Something about 3-4 foot tall may be all you need, or you can go as tall as you like. And yes, we also install the gate and all the bells and whistles you like.

Map of Charles City, VA

If you’re looking for a Charles City Fence Repair company, then call Tidewater Fence at 757-644-1369 or fill out our online request form.