Outstanding Wood Fences in Hampton Roads

Wood FencesWood fences have a classic appearance, last for years, and they’re hallmarks of home design. No manufactures materials can be quite matched by natural wood, which makes wood fences a popular choice for discriminating homeowners. Our Hampton Roads fence company uses lightweight, durable, and weather-resistant woods to construct our wood fences, and our Hampton Roads fence contractors will provide you with high quality workmanship at every job that we perform.

Wood fences can stand up to any kind of harsh weather, and they’ll last for decades as long as they’re properly cared for, stained, and maintained. Our professionals can make sure that your wood fence is always in the best condition possible.

Our Wood Fences Include:

  • Wooden Picket Fences
  • Split Rail Custom Wood Fences
  • Commercial Wood Fences
  • Privacy Wood Fences
  • Semi-Privacy Wood Fences

Benefits of Wood Fences

Our wood fences are make from high quality woods that are environmentally friendly, and our professionals will provide you with excellent craftsmanship during a wood fence installation. Some of the advantages of our wood fences include:

  • Natural Appearance

    Wood fences have an organic and natural appearance that simply can’t be duplicated with other materials.

  • Superior Strength

    Your new wood fence will have a solid foundation with well constructed posts and stringers. The panels will be select from high-quality wood that is resistance to any warping, splitting, or rotting.

  • Flexible Design

    Whether you’re looking for a classic picket fence or a full privacy fence, a wood fence can be a great way to improve your Hampton Roads home, and the design can be completely customized.

Wood Fence Installation

The first and most important part of keeping your wood fence in great condition for years to come is making sure that it’s properly installed. When you hire our professional fence contractors to install a wood fence at your Hampton Roads home, you’ll always be guaranteed high quality workmanship that you can trust.

We’ll custom design your new wood fence that it’s a perfect fit for your home, and we’ll make sure it’s perfectly installed on your property. We can also handle any staining that you might need, ensuring that your new fence is as attractive as it is durable.

Wood Fence Repairs

If you already have a wood fence at your property that is starting to rot or deteriorate, or is otherwise in bad condition, our professionals can repair it and restore it to like-new condition. Depending on how bad the damage is, we may need to replace all or part of your fence. We can work with you to decide whether repairs or a replacement would be more beneficial.

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