Security Fences

Hampton Roads Fences Types, Yorktown Fence Repair, Security Fences in Hampton RoadsKeeping your home safe and secure is a major priority to you. At Tidewater Fence, we understand that, which is why our Hampton Roads fence contractors work hard to provide high quality security fence installation and repair services. Our security fences are made from the best materials on the market, and our experts provide only the highest quality service. We’ll make sure that you have peace of mind knowing that your home is always as safe and secure as possible.

Home invasion crimes are one of the most frightening things that any homeowner can be a victim of, and our security fences can help you ensure that you’re never involved in this situation. We’ll so whatever it takes to design a fence system that will protect your home from intruders and keep you and your family safe in the comfort of your home.

Security Tips

When you’re creating a security fence for your Hampton Roads home, there are two things to focus on:

  • Visually discouraging intruders through design and security signage, and;

  • Physically keeping intruders off of your property.

Our professionals will work with you to design the most secure fence possible, but here are a few tips to keep in mind during the design:

  • Focus on height as a main deterrent. The higher your fence panels are, the less likely it is that anyone will attempt to scale them.The strength of your gates is also important. Use bolted or welded hardware to make sure that your gate isn’t a weak link in the fencing. Maintain the height of the rest of your fence, and add cameras and lights. Scalability dictates how difficult climbing your Hampton Roads home’s fence will be. Make sure intruders will not be able to easily scale the fence. You can also add anti-climb spikes, barbed wire, or other fence-top deterrents.
  • Try to create a lethal look. You may use a non-lethal electrified fence, then add “Electric Fence” signage.You should also avoid solid fencing, which can be easier to scale and can serve as a hiding place for any intruders.

Security Gates

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and the weakest link of a fence is its gate. Our professionals can help you decide on the best features for your gate to increase your Hampton Roads home’s security. You may want to install cameras, lights, intercoms, motion sensors, or other security fence features.


Our security fence experts will do whatever it takes to make sure that every aspect of your fence and gate is totally secure. We can also assist you with any repairs that you need for a security fence system.

If you’re looking for security fences in Hampton Roads, call Tidewater Fence at 804-298-6620 or fill out our online request form.