Facts About Custom Fences

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Fencing has always been one of the most useful structures for security and curb appeal. If you need to have a fence built for your Hampton Roads property, you’ll be thinking about what you need it for before choosing what kind of fence you want. Consider a custom fence which is built to suit all your needs.

Our Hampton Roads Fence Company has constructed a lot of custom fences in the area. We’ve built decorative fences, privacy fences, picket fences, split rail fences, security fences, garden fences, aluminum fences, and more. Here are some facts about custom fences you may find interesting.

Practical Uses Of Custom Fences

Basically, a fence is just a structure which defines boundary lines between two pieces of landscape or property. In the beginning, fences were designed to avoid possible conflicts between the owners on either side of the fence.

Historically, such arrangement was devised as a protocol to protect the farm produces and the livestock which were kept inside the premises. Fences were built to avoid unexpected claims of the farm products and to keep away the predators and dangerous animals from pouncing on the livestock made the use of fences mandatory in the farmlands. Today, fences are used for property boundaries and for aesthetic reasons.

Custom fences are constructed for decorative and privacy purposes today. However, custom fences were used even in pre-historic times. Slowly, the practical use of this structure was diversified for other uses such as the beautification of plush cottages and residential homes. The wooden and prick fences ably demonstrated the fine and authentic taste of the owner as well as the need for boundary protection.

Custom Fences Of Today

Over time, custom fences have arrived to achieve maximum utilization. These structural boundaries are often customized and re-designed according to the owner’s wish. The best part of building custom fences is the flexible ability to affect the privacy, security, and beauty of a property.

For instance, custom fences can be built around your acreage for heightened security. You can choose a privacy fence in your favorite style and material for your back yard while installing an aluminum fence with an automatic security gate for the driveway entry to your estate.

Permitting For Custom Fence Building

There are few crucial tips which need to be religiously followed while creating a Custom Fence. One of which is to call the local code enforcement authority for permitting. You may need to submit a design plan and get approval for the fence construction. You’ll also want to know the boundary lines to your property so there’s no problem with building your custom fence on your neighbor’s property by mistake.

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