The Sweetest Garden Fence Ideas For Hampton Roads

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Garden Fence Hampton RoadsAre you looking for garden fences for your Hampton Roads yard? Are you searching through pictures of garden fences for inspiration? While looking for ideas, consider choosing a stylish AND functional garden fence for your Hampton Roads yard.

You don’t have to go with a boring old chainlink fence for your garden, even if you need to protect the area from critters. There are many garden fences that are sweet in more ways than one.

Our Hampton Roads fence company wants to give you a few pointers to help you choose between garden fences. Here are a few tips and ideas to think about to help you find the sweetest garden fence that offers both style and function.

Fence Styles for Your Garden

If you are growing vegetables or fruits in your own backyard, you’ll want to choose fencing that enhances the style of your garden area. The right fence will compliment the style of your home as well as the landscape. There are many styles of garden fences you can choose. Which are the sweetest in your mind?

  • Mid-rise picket fences
  • Low-rise picket fences
  • Bamboo garden fences
  • Split-rail garden fences
  • Decorative iron with wire mesh
  • Trellis fences
  • Basket-weave fences
  • Willow screen fences


Fences That Guard Your Garden

Considering the functional aspect of a garden fence for your Hampton Roads home. What type of protection do your veggies need? Do you need to protect your garden from rabbits, deer, or household pets?

Rabbit fences for the garden – Many different fence styles can be fitted with wire mesh to keep rabbits out of the garden. The best styles are probably the iron fences with wire mesh or wooden fences with wire mesh. However, some beautiful picket fences will do the job well too but remember that rabbits can fit their body through any hole if their head can fit through it.

Deer fences for the garden – Deer fences need to be tall enough to keep deer out. If your garden isn’t very large, you can get by with a lower fence that’s a little taller than you. However, if your garden is large, deer have enough space to jump over high fences. In this case, an eight foot or higher garden fence would be better. Also, consider privacy panel garden fencing to block their view of your garden area.

Pet protection garden fences – You probably know your pet pretty well, so you have a good idea about what type of garden fences would keep your Hampton Roads garden protected from digging paws. When looking at garden fences, consider the following. How high can they jump? What size hole can they fit through? Could they get hurt by the fence?

Happy hunting for the sweetest garden fences! If you need help, our Hampton Roads fence company at Tidewater Fence is just a phone call away!

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