4 Signs It’s Time To Repair Your Wooden Fence

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fence repairWooden fences are an extremely attractive option for homeowners in recent years. They provide shade, privacy, and a safe area for pets and children to run around and play, and they do all of this in an extremely cost efficient manner. All of these factors combined make them a very popular option among modern homeowners. Unfortunately, over time, wooden fences are susceptible to damage from weathering and general deterioration until they have to eventually be replaced. When your home’s wooden fence sustains any damage, however, it can be difficult to know when some simple repairs will suffice or a total replacement is in order. Fortunately, there are signs you can be on the lookout for that will help to clue you in as to when your fence needs to be replaced, and when it is just in need of some repairs.

Insect Damage

One sign of fence damage that you should be on the lookout for are any signs that your fence may be suffering from insect damage. These signs can range anywhere from holes in your fence to visual signs of burrowing or gnawing. If you catch insect damage early enough, it can easily be repaired, but extensive damage can indicate that there is more than likely a larger infestation. In those times, the risk of your fence having sustained major structural damage is highly likely, and will more than likely call for a replacement. A professional fence repair service will be able to help you determine what level of insect damage your fence has sustained, and whether repair or replacement is in order.

Signs Of Rotting

Wooden privacy fences help to give your home a classic look that just never goes out of style. As timeless as the look is however, time can definitely do a number on your fence, even if the wood is weather-treated. Rotting wood can give your fence a deteriorating look and will eventually cause it to lose its form and compromise its structural integrity. If you notice any signs of rotting early enough, however, the rotted sections can be removed and replaced, effectively preventing the rot from spreading any further and compromising your entire fence. If the rotting has spread however, it is more than likely that your fence has already been weakened and will need to be replaced.

Splitting Or Splintering Boards

One clear indicator that your fence is in need of repair is if you notice splitting or splintering boards. If you notice any of your boards like this, they can be replaced fairly easily, but it is important to take stock of the condition of the other parts of your fence as well. While one or two splitting boards could just indicate that those particular ones have been warped due to age or weather exposure, the chance that other areas of your fence have been equally worn or aged are highly likely as well. If your beams or posts are starting to split and splinter, it could be time to look at replacement services instead.

Signs Of Sagging

If you notice your fence sagging in certain areas, it is more than likely that those areas have just become too worn from age and weather exposure. Replacing these sagging areas can provide a fix to the problem, but if the problem is widespread across multiple sections of your fence, replacement is probably going to be your best option. A professional service can help you determine whether your fence is in need or repairs or replacement in this situation.

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